History of World Technology Development – In this current era, we should be familiar with the meaning of “technology”. Some of us who describe technology in a narrow way, are limited to tools or machines that are interwoven with electric power.

Although the fact is that technology is a variety of needs and media is a variety of furniture or methods that have a function to provide comfort and lightness for humans. Through this explanation, we can also describe that a pencil is a technology.

Over time, technology continues to experience changes. This change should be based on changing human interests. In this article, I will talk about technological advances from the beginning of human life to this day.

Prehistory is the time when humans lived before knowing writing. Perhaps we often hear related to the narrative of the discovery of fire by ancient humans. Fire is also the first technological invention of humans in this era. But man’s first product was not fire, but stone tools.

History of World Technology Development

The milestone in the development of information and communication technology was the discovery of the telephone for the first time by Alexander Graham Bell in 1875. Bell’s invention was later developed into a communication network, followed by the installation of trans-atlantic communication cables.

Entering the 20th century, the development of information and communication technology has become more complex, marked by wireless voice transmission, namely AM Radio broadcasts. Since then, the development of voiceless communication has grown very rapidly. Until finally in 1943 found the electronic computer.

This discovery was then followed by the miniaturization of electronic components with the invention of the transistor in 1947. This miniaturization created an integrated circuit that eventually gave birth to the microprocessor. Well, this device is the ‘brain’ of computer development to date.

The development of information and communication technology continues to evolve and produce cellular phones as we use today. Amazing isn’t it?

According to what Mark Moore, an archaeologist from the University of New England Armidale, Australia, humans have used to lighten their daily lives since 3.2 million years ago. In this era, humans tend to use the technology they make for their own needs.

Ancient era technology

The ancient era in this place is called the post-prehistoric era before the Middle Ages. This era is risky for quite a long time, including the era of the prophets, ancient civilizations, etc.
So many of the first discoveries as the basis for subsequent discoveries were found in this era. Human civilization is changing very fast. So an example is the Ancient Egyptian civilization which we know with its pyramids.
Even plastic surgery techniques have been found basically in this era. Humans began to make technology for mass needs, such as ships and buildings. In this era, humans already know writing. Found historical relics that are written.

Medieval technology

According to some sources, the Middle Ages was around the 5th century AD to the 15th century AD. One thing that we can highlight the progress of technology at this time is in terms of art. At this time, many new arts appeared.
When viewed in terms of geography, the European continent is the king at this time. Technological progress was pioneered by several Europeans.
Science and knowledge began to change very quickly, with the discovery of mathematical formulas and physical theories. In this era, the general assessment began to be carried out. So the compass can be found in this era.

The increasing number of people is a sign that the demand for the importance of life is increasing. Technology at this time is found in the form of machines that have mass production capabilities.

Technological advances at this time also made changes in the social behavior of some people. In fact, there is no specific time period for the industrial revolution. The first industrial revolution took place in the 17th – 18th century. The industrial revolution was indicated by major changes in almost every aspect of human life, which certainly cannot be separated from technology. Currently, we are getting ready to fight industrial revolution 4.0.

Technology does not support humans to fulfill their needs. Technology began to be printed to give the human heart, to make it a social icon. Car parable.

The beginning of the creation of the car was to speed up humans on long journeys. Reasonably, the things needed to make a car fit its main purpose are tires, fuel, and engines. But now we can see, the car is not only a means of transportation.
With all the latest specifications in it, the car seems to have turned into a signal of one person’s social status. one between

One of the examples of technology that humans really don’t really need, but only to give the human heart is the online shopping method.

Humans can continue to shop without an internet connection, but because there are online shopping methods, humans are like being spoiled.

These are a number of technological advancements. If we look at the scheme, over time, technology does not only support human life. But slowly began to shift and change human life.

Like the change of labor with machines. While human civilization still exists, technology will continue to change. Therefore, in order not to be inferior to technology, we as humans who live in an age of advanced technology must be able to control existing technology.

Hopefully useful and good luck.

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