The Beginning of Technological Development – Description of Technology, namely various needs and media are various types of furniture or methods that have a function to provide comfort and lightness for humans.

Technology comes from the word technologia (Greek) techno which means ‘expertise’ and logia means ‘knowledge’. Initially, the meaning of technology was limited to tangible objects such as equipment or machines.

As time goes by, the meaning of technology is widening. he is not limited to tangible things, but also intangibles. if software features, evaluation systems, business systems, agriculture and so on.

Description of Technology According to Many Experts Technology is the improvement and application of various furniture or methods to solve the problems that humans encounter in everyday life.

Technology is a whole system that makes sense towards and has the characteristics of efficiency in every human activity (Jacques Ellil) .

Technology is the application of natural and natural sciences and other knowledge in a systematic and systematic way to solve problems (Gary J. Anglin).

The Beginning of Technological Development

Technology is defined as a tangible or intangible entity that intends to be printed in an integrated manner through a process of action, assessment to achieve a value. (NN)


Technology is a tool, machine, trick, process, activity or inspiration created to ease human activities in everyday life.

Humans use technology in the sectors of communication, evaluation, transportation, business, manufacturing, data protection and so on. The meaning of technology is broad, everyone has their own tricks to explore its meaning.
To be sure, technology is not limited to smartphones, laptops, PCs, planes, trains. Simple furniture such as hammers, spoons, benches, bottles are then part of technology.

The Beginning of Technological Development 2

A Brief History of Technological Progress
Technological progress is the systematic change that takes place in technology. Thousands of years ago, technology was known to humans, but the shape was not as good as what we get today.

  1. Pre-historic times In this prehistoric period, the technology used was made of stone, bronze and iron. The technology known in the pre-historic era is the example of the sword, the ax handle and the bronze vessel.
  2. Ancient Technology At this time technology has changed to construction, maritime, agriculture and tools of explanation. Humans already know how to build a building construction to a complicated process. His parables are the pyramids, ships, lighthouses and sundials.
  3. Medieval Technology Until the Present At this time the technology used has begun to experience changes, this is allegedly due to various discoveries, such as in the fields of astronomy, medical, mathematics, military to cartographic knowledge. Examples include crossbows, engine construction, algebra and ship navigation.
  4. Technology in the era of the Industrial Revolution Technological progress is starting to become clearer at this time. Various models of machines were successfully made which then changed human power into machine power. This time is the forerunner of technological progress in today’s world.
    For example, early generation cars, telegraphs, telephones, weaving machines, steam engines and bicycles.
  5. Technology in the Age of 20 At this time. Neil Armstrong successfully arrived on the moon. Technology in other sectors then changes very quickly. In the military sector, the atomic bomb was printed successfully. Transistors as the forerunner to the size of a small pc as it is now also found. In the end of this era the Internet began to be introduced to the public and commercial.
    Examples of other technologies of the 20th Century: Refrigerators, Vaccination technology, vacuums, microwaves.
  6. Technological Advances in the 21st Age
    At this time, various technologies have begun to be created. Starting from the technology needed for household, education, social, news technology, and other matters.

Some Models of Technology From ancient times

Progress can be seen from the various technological changes that exist today. Changes in touch technology in various parts, starting from:

  1. Technology in the Economic Sector
    Technological changes in this economic sector are in the form of advances in the financial methods used. If in the past people carried out transactions in real or factual ways, or face to face between consumers and sellers, now they have moved to online. In addition, the financial method has also changed to e-money.
  2. Food Technology
    The agricultural methods that exist today are certainly different from the agricultural methods of the past, starting from the lips, planting methods, and planting techniques.
  3. News Technology
    This change in news is indicated by the simplicity of the population in obtaining or receiving information via the Internet with various existing technological features.
  4. Communication Technology
    This change in communication was allegedly made by one person simply
  1. Transportation Technology
    One of the changes in the transportation sector is that there are various modern means of transportation, which make it easier for one person to carry goods or travel from one place to another lightly.
  2. Medical Technology
    One of the changes in the medical world is the discovery of various vaccines to prevent various types of dangerous diseases.
  3. Educational Technology
    Regarding technology that has changed in the world of education, namely, the development of better educational methods, teaching staff and students are light in exploring the various lessons given, etc.

Examples of the Latest Technology in the World
Regarding various examples of technology that have been successfully printed, starting from the technology that we often find such as PCs, Laptops, Cellphones, Machines, Motorcycles and so on as well as the latest technology that you may not know at first, such as
Wigig is a technology that is expected to change the use of Wifi
Matrix Power Watch with battery power that can be charged from body heat
Invisible Car A car that can change its color according to the environment like a chameleon.

Well, that was just a short article about the meaning and explanation of technology with technological advances as well as examples of the latest technology in Indonesia and the world. . Hopefully it’s useful

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