The Role of Technology for the Nation and the State – In this era of globalization, very rapid developments occur. Good in terms of culture as well as in IT.

In this sophisticated era, you can’t be sure what will happen
in a short time, because the development is very fast as well. In this case too
affect an information system, where previously information was manual
and difficult to access.

But at this time all information is very easy to access anywhere anytime. In this case there appears an information system called the System Management Information, where the existence of this system makes it easier for all parties who
need information.

The Role of Technology for the Nation and the State

From this the author made this article to find out
What kind of information system is this, and what does it have to do with Information Technology?

In this modern and sophisticated era, many developments occur. Developments that occur are not only on one line but occur on many lines.

One of them is in Information Systems. This information system is a system that
arranged in a complex manner and interrelated between the elements, so that the flow occurs with very complex and complete information.

Information Technology (IT)
Information technology is a very important thing in the current 4.0 era.
Where everyone has the right to access the same information every time, because
This IT is very important in modern times like today. While the tools used in conveying.

Information is technology. Thus, information technology is a
a form of delivering information that uses technological principles, both
with the help of tools or programs from the messenger to the object
message recipient.

The Role of Technology for the Nation and the State

The development of IT also has an impact on other aspects such as education, social and financial services culture so that all these aspects cannot be separated from what is called technology Information.

With the development of information technology, it forces people to be able to use this information technology. So everyone has to push their ability, improve his ability, so as not to be left behind by others.

This information technology brings a lot of goodness or benefits in
everyday life. Examples of information exchange, with the existence of information technology people can communicate with each other without having to meet face to face. Apart from that, technology makes it easy for people in other things such as: shopping, studying, updating news and more.

In addition to bringing goodness and convenience, information technology also
has a bad impact, one of which is hoax information which is very easy to spread and
very hard to stem. That’s why we have to be smart inside
use this information technology, so as not to harm us.

The Role of Technology for the Nation and the State

Management information System
Management Information System is a system that is widely used at this time. Its use is not only in one field but in many fields,such as education, economics, business, and other fields.

But in this article we will discuss management information systems in the field of education. According to Management Information Systems Academics are all kinds of interactions between elements in the academic environment for produce information that is then used as the basis for making a decision.

Carry out actions, both by the perpetrators of the process itself and from parties outside the school.

In information technology terminology, there are three main components that:
covers it, namely: (1) management information system, or information system
management, (2) hardware (hardware), and (3) human factors.

Information Systems
Management (MIS) is defined as the integration between the user (user) and the system in providing information to support implementation, management and functions manajemen decision making in an organization.

Management Information Systems (MIS) are:
a set of work structures and procedures covering the collection, processing, analysis,
presentation and use of information in an organization.

While the dimensions of MIS itself is a technology, management context, conceptual framework structure information and the form of data structure used. Another explanation developed that a SIM will achieve success when in
its operation includes five stages, namely; identification of needs, data collection,
data processing and analysis, provision of information and utilization of information.

Some Information About Technology

From the above understanding it can be concluded that the information system
Management is a unified element that is interrelated with each other, including:
information gathering, information storage, and information sharing activities.
In other words, a management information system is a system used to
managing information so that information can be used properly.

The Role of Information Technology in MIS
Information technology is very useful in various aspects, one of which is in
management information System. Where with the existence of this information technology makes a management information system can run and operate as
should be like now.

If there is no support from information technology then the SIM will not work. For example: network exists, data exists, however there is no technology/hardware to run the SIM, then can the SIM be operated? Of course it can’t be used. So in this case information technology is needed in running a management information system.

The existence of information technology also facilitates the management of information systems management.

Because in practice it will be easier to implement if a system management information is supported and supported by information technology. Examples in
Editing data in the management information system will be easier to do if:
using devices from the help of information technology such as computers, laptops, tabs, and others that are still related to educational technology.

The Role of Technology for the Nation and the State

Apart from editing dataInformation technology also makes it easier for us in terms of sending and using data, for example: Using email, Gdrive and others.

Conclusion Information technology is a form of information delivery that uses
The rules are technological in nature, both with the help of tools and programs from themessenger to the recipient of the message.

With information technology all human work can run more easily. Management information system isa unit of elements that are interrelated with each other, including activities information collection, information storage, and information sharing. In other words, a management information system is a system used to manage information so that the information can be used properly.

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